We are lucky to work in one of the most dynamic and exciting field of the market: we make PCBs which launch space satellite on the moon, measure biological data at the bottom of the ocean and introduce new minds to the high tech engineering world. It doesn’t matter how your project is: we have the experience to make it true with a very short delivery.

Reliability is at the center of any aerospace implementation, there’s no space for mistakes.
This is reason why our PCBs are fabricated with the maximum quality standard in this field.

High-Tech Elettronica is proud to make printed circuit boards for big cars manufacturers, very well known brands in the motorbike world, four-wheels category and many others vehicles types.

Retail trade  
Getting your product right on time on the market, spending the right budget and getting at the same time the highest reliability is extremely important in the retail field.
Our customers count on us to provide them their products punctually and with the right costs.
Our motto “on-time” is synonymous of “being there”, with the boards you need, when you need.

Also when you need support tools or test equipment, HIGH TECHE ELETTRONICA offers you high quality PCB fabricated due to the directives IPC- 6012
We are able to make true your radiofrequency projects faster than anyone else

Computers/Consumers Electronics   
We are very active within the peripheral hardware field for industrial machines as well as in the Consumers Electronics one: where the performances count, HIGH TECH ELETTRONICA is present with an excellent products range with the right price.

Industrial Electronics/ Equipment/Test and Measurement  
Data acquisition modules, sensors,interface boards, test equipment is only a small part of our daily production activities that help our customers in the industrial- tecnical applications

We make products in the medical field for dental use as well as laser tools applied in the cosmetic surgery

We make equipment, devices and interface boards used for the military field.
HIGH TECH ELETTRONICA has  years of experience and “know how” orientation acquired through different kinds of business: from detection boards until sophisticated satellites.

Custom / Hobby  
Not only the business worlds requires our support. Our PCB are also widely used in the entertainment and hobbies fields where the short leading time is not strictly a must. In this case HIGH TECH ELETTRONICA can play a key role, extending the manufacturing time and reducing significantly the cost of your final product.