When you choose HIGH TECH ELETTRONICA , you get the knowledge and experience from a Team which is in the business of high quality PCB manufacturing since over than two decades.

Please, take a look the following information to get an overview about our production capabilities.
Alternatively, you can send us your projects at ufficiotecnico@hightechelettronica.com to double check if your files are in compliance with our production standards.


PCB Specifications

Basic Materials FR4 – FR4 HiTg – BT Epoxy – Polyimide -Teflon – INVAR – Halogen Free – Hi Frequency-Ims
 PCB  Rigid – Flex – Rigid/Flex-IMS-Hdi-Blind-Buried pcb-
Backpanel-Hard gold Pcb
Maximum no. of Layers  40
Maximum size PCB  1200×800 mm
Maximum thickness PCB  6.0 mm
Thickness copper base  9-12-18-25-35-50-70-105-140-210-305 µ
Minimum hole’s  diameter (Mechanical)  0.15 mm
Minimum hole’s  diameter  (Laser)  50 µ
Nickel Thickness on the Connector  > 4 µ
Gold thickness on the Connector  > 0.8 µ
Tolerance holes position  ± 0.07 mm on PCB with diagonal
 < 300 mm (from the board edge)
Minimum track  50 µ
Minimum Insulation  50 µ
Metallic holes tolerance  -0.05 ÷ + 0.05 mm
Non-metallic Holes tolerance  0 ÷ + 0.1 mm
Compilance Certificate  On Demand
Electrical test certificate  On Demand
Controlled impedance certificate  On Demand
Production date (week and year)  On solder mask or copper (on demand)
Certifications  UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
 UL Certified: 94V-0 up to 130°
Milling tolerance  ± 0.15 mm
Finishing Hal lead free – Immersion gold – Immersion Silver -Immersion Tin – Electrolytic gold – Graphite – Bonding  NiAu
Solder Mask type: Photographic
Electrical test (bridges & openings)  100%